Prayer for Thomas

Lord of Heaven and Earth,

You are the Great and Awesome God who holds all life in Heaven and here on Earth in your Hands.  We lift up Thomas to you and ask for your healing hand to be placed on him.  We pray for the doctor’s eyes to be Your eyes, and the doctor’s hands to be Your hands.  We pray for wisdom and a keen insight to be given to all involved, doctors, nurses, family, ministers, as they all in Unity seek to find both Physical and Spiritual answers.

We pray, Most Merciful Father, for an inner peace and calm for Thomas’ spirit.  We pray as he seeks answers that You become Everything that his soul needs to walk this journey.  We pray that Your Spirit speak comfort to him in the night and joy to him in the morning as he fights Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally this battle that you have asked him to fight.  In the depth of his spirit, we ask that he feels you Carrying him, Holding him in Your warm, gentle Embrace.

We pray for the rest of the Maeda family, Mark, Emily, Sophia, Eva, Mercedes, Theo and Titus, that they can receive the a Peace and Comfort that can only come from above.  We pray for Mark and Emily as they, in their weakness, parent all the various needs and emotional states of each of their children while managing their own inner struggles against fear.  We pray for unity in their marriage and a synergy together that multiplies their efforts and prayers.

We pray for all of us, the extended family and those who love Thomas and the Maedas, that you help us know how to Pray, Soothe, Comfort and Help.  Work Your Peace in our own hearts when we turn to fear or crushing dismay.  May we Fast, Pray and Seek Your Radiant face as we all walk this journey together as pilgrims in a land that is not our Home.

Loving Father, we place all our prayers, fears, hopes and dreams for Thomas in Your scarred hands….


Written by Sheryl Roberts, Thomas’ aunt, at the beginning of Thomas’ journey.


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