What is this all about?

We are family who want to share Thomas’ story with you so you can pray with us….

Please pray for my nephew, Thomas. He is 13 years old and this morning they found out that he has a cancerous tumor on his kidney and it is metastatic and has moved to his lungs. He is having surgery to remove his kidney tomorrow, but they won’t know until they biopsy the tumor what kind of chemotherapy to start. Please lift Thomas Maeda and our family up in your prayers. James 5:13-15…the prayers of the faithful are powerful.

Thomas is currently battling Wilms tumor kidney cancer.  Please continue to pray for his healing and protection as he battles cancer.  I (Emily) continue to write this blog to keep people informed on Thomas’ journey and our journey as a family.


11 thoughts on “What is this all about?”

  1. Sheree Huskey said:

    I have not met you, but Thomas and your whole family have been in my prayers since the day we heard, back in Jan.! Thomas has a special place in my heart; he was diagnosed with cancer exactly one week from my breast cancer diagnosis…I was still reeling from the news, but I knew that I could do something for Thomas…lift him up to our merciful and loving God daily! I just read all of the posts on your blog, with many tears as I read…I am so grateful this is happening to me and not one of my sweet children! God bless you and give you His peace and strength!

  2. Allison Ryan said:

    We are so shocked and sad . We are praying for complete healing and strength for your family.

  3. Chloe Blume said:

    You all don’t know me, but I am friends with several friends of the family, and just want to let you know my family is lifting him in prayer, too!

  4. Katie Hurt said:

    Dear Emily, Mark, Michele…My heart is heavy with this news. Know that we will be praying for comfort, healing, peace… for Thomas and your whole family. Loads of love from Lynchburg, Katie Hurt

  5. lori auket said:

    God is faithful he will never leave us or forsake us I pray for you all and ask for guidence and I ask for peace that surpasses all understanding. And for ultimate healing from our Awesome God.in Christ’s name Amen!!!!!!

  6. Brenda Schlect said:

    Obviously praying for him. So thankful that you are there with them.

  7. Praying for God’s amazing healing and that you all feel His love throughout.

  8. Can’t imagine what you all are going through! Praying for peace and rest.

  9. Rebekah Reinovsky said:

    All of us here at High Point Church in Vilseck, Germany, are joining with you in prayer. God’s peace be with you all during this time.

    Rebekah and Emil Reinovsky

  10. Thanks for centralizing all the information, sheryl. I’m on wordpress quite a bit and am happy to help out if you need it. Just say the word.
    Adding our prayers and petitions to all the others…

  11. Alison Roberts Cooper said:

    Lifting up Thomas to our God. Praying for strength for all involved. Would like to help in any way possible. Love to all of you.

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