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IMG_0184Head-rubbing, back-itching and hat-wearing have occupied our evening.  The girls can’t get over the feeling of closely-shorn hair but in the end, It was all worth it.  I knew the tears would flow as soon as the razors started.  They did, as I watched my brave kids sit while their long locks of hair fell to the ground.  Just as Sophia’s hair was being shaved, her friends from our school group showed up to cheer her on.  Tears covered her face but a smile poked through while she mouthed hello to her friends.  Everyone cheered the kids on as they finished and when they were done, hair covered the ground, a testament to their courage and compassion.

All together over 40 people had their heads shaved at the event and the event raised over $12,000 for research.  A mighty effort and one which we all felt privileged to witness.  Hair is such a powerful metaphor.  In the Old Testament, shaving one’s head always communicated deep emotion, repentance, or longing.  To be bald is to be without covering.  Already the girls are complaining of the cold!

As they are without their hair, I am praying the Lord reveals to them the meaning of true beauty, the realization of other’s suffering and the deep peace of knowing their sacrifice of love has benefitted others we will never know.  Thank you for supporting them in this adventure and may many children live through our combined efforts.  Bald is beautiful!