The following snapshots are an incomplete representation of our trip to Hawaii but I must console myself with the thought that prior to Instagram, I would have had nothing to document our time.  I have never been a camera person; I always seem to be a step behind when it comes to “capturing the moment” so Instagram is perfect for me.  It’s on my phone and it leaves me with the illusion that I can actually take photos, which I can’t, but I don’t feel quite so inept.  You must put up with grainy, slightly out-of-focus photos.  Sorry.

Not a promising look from Theo on the morning we left for the airport.  He rose to the occasion and snapped out of his funk.  Mark put it in his head that only ‘happy boys’ go to Hawaii.  Yes, we will be paying the psychologist bills for that but it certainly worked.

This was the scene at the airport – all gathered ’round the old iPad.  It was vacation after all so I tried to hold back and let them play a few games.

From the ‘best morning of my life’ according to Mercedes.  What could be better than wearing nightgowns with no shoes and drinking orange juice to one’s heart content?

The motley crew at the Waikiki beach.  Notice Titus’ travel clothes from the night before.  He didn’t even get jammies.

Eva and Mercedes at Pearl Harbor.  Seeing the drowned Arizona and reading the names of the men that perished made the events of Pearl Harbor more real and significant for all of us.

Here we are ( I am taking the picture after all) at Pearl Harbor with Greg and Michele.

Thomas enjoyed snorkeling and especially seeing the dolphins.  Isn’t the water a spectacular blue?

Titus and Theo with the captain of our snorkeling boat and our personal babysitter 🙂  He had five children of his own so we felt like he knew the ropes.  We were an oddity in Hawaii; we saw very few big families.  I heard quite a few surprised exclamations as we piled out of an elevator or walked into a restaurant.  “Six??” “Wow!!”

Titus’ Make-A-Wish trip would have been to stay home and take his naps.  He wasn’t a big fan of tramping around the city or sitting on the beach all day.  But he did enjoy eating sand, a small compensation for all of his trials.

These two had so much fun in the water when the waves weren’t too big.  This was their favorite spot.

Our picture from paddling in the ocean.  We had lots of help!

Making sand castles with a rainbow in the background.  Idyllic.  I must say Thomas could still use some more fat on his bones.

Thomas’ sailboat trip which he will never forget.  So much fun.

The kids danced on stage at the Luau we went to.  Pretty cute.  Instagram takes really bad night pictures.

As I am putting these pictures together, I realize two things.  First, these pictures are very spotty and leave big chunks out of the trip, the problem with using a phone.  Sometimes my phone was dead or forgotten at the hotel, etc…  Secondly, I really did go on this trip.  I guess I was taking all the pictures.  Hmm…  I will have to fix that next time we go to Hawaii 🙂 Right.