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My birthday was on Sunday.  I keep getting another year older and it surprises me.  I thought thirty-something was for all those old people.  How did I become thirty-something?  Mark and I had a quiet day together because everyone except Titus enjoyed a visit to Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary’s house where they partied the colonial way and learned all kinds of cool skills like de-boning a whole chicken.  So, in the absence of the children, we contented ourselves with omelets fixed by Mark and an episode of Call The Midwife.  We had celebrated in Denver the night before and after all the noise I live in and the ‘noise’ of the past year, quiet is really the best gift of all.

Each milestone and celebration makes me thankful for where we are right now.  Sometimes in the blackest parts of last year it felt surprising to wake up each morning and be alive.  There were times when the weight of it all felt so heavy, I didn’t think I could survive it.  But I am here, at the start of another year in my life, and my family is all here too.  I look ahead with just enough insight to realize I have absolutely no idea what this year holds.  On Sunday I prayed, “Into Thy hands.”  It seemed like the three words I needed to start this new year.  Into Thy hands I place my life and all of those I love.  It is all I can do and it is enough.  I know my offering is safe in the hands of the Father.

October this year has been glorious, filled with the perfect kind of light slanting through the golden leaves.  Just a few pictures of our weeks filled with all the best October gave us.