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After a holiday Monday last week, which we enjoyed immensely but paid for the rest of the week, this Monday felt just right.  We mostly stayed on task and accomplished what we were supposed to accomplish.  That always leaves one feeling satisfied and content.

Thomas has felt crummy since Wednesday but today he has acted more like himself again.  Blood draws tomorrow and I will have to be the mean, annoying mom if the same phlebotomist tries to draw his blood.  I am trying to figure out what to do if I see the guy working.  He will not have a second chance.  After all of this treatment, I have zero-patience for someone digging around in Thomas’ arm for his veins.  Last week when it happened, I had enough self-awareness to realize I was sleep-deprived when I had the desire to call the hospital and give them a few things to think about.  I didn’t call but I am not interested in letting the same person try again.  I will have to think on my feet…

Thomas is losing weight again.  I am not sure what to write next because I would like to let a scream go into cyber-space so you could all feel my angst over this.  He was doing so well and we considered getting rid of the tube because we knew he only had one more treatment.  I guess I am glad we didn’t.  He is back down to 103 and eating is again a chore.  I am hoping things improve soon but I am assuming it will be a while.  His eating doesn’t seem to improve even at the end of the three weeks before chemo starts again.  So it looks as if it is going to take longer than I thought…  The nurse told me the docs consider three months the amount of time a chemo patient needs for their immune system to start functioning correctly again.  I am hoping the appetite comes back sooner than that.  His lymph nodes are swollen and he appears to be fighting off another cold along with getting nose bleeds a couple of times a day.  Checking the blood is a good thing.

Mark still hasn’t heard about his tests but he feels better and keeps trying to impress me with his weight gains.  I am not impressed but at least he is trying to gain weight and eat.  Can’t complain there.

Everyone else is doing well and enjoying these sun-kissed days of early fall.  Fall is always such a nostalgic time for me.  I think it is the light, how the sun sits in the sky, the cool air and warm sun all at the same time.  We are getting out as much as we can and enjoying it because cold days will be here soon.