Sorry to keep you all in suspense.  It was not a super exciting “friend” we were welcoming into our hospital room (like Tim Tebow) but a helpful, alternative medical specialist in ancient Chinese medicine, employing needles.  Do you all know what I am talking about?  I thought it best not to advertise our plans on the internet, knowing these practitioners are not always welcome in the hospital.  Thomas seemed to respond well to the treatment but nothing seems to be kicking in yet.  The doctors want to let his gut rest this evening and reassess in the morning.  I kind of feel like we have been doing that but I must remember this is hospital life and hospital life is a different paradigm….

No chemo for now because the chemo drug he will be starting is known to cause constipation.  Hmmm… not a helpful side-effect right now.  The doctor says it is fine to start even next week with chemo.  I told him I was feeling anxious and he said I had no reason to fear.  So, I guess I will trust him on that.

Thomas is hungry.  After not eating for four days in a row, he is ready for something besides clear liquids.  I am praying and I know you all are too.