Are you all familiar with hospital time?  It is in the 7th dimension (there are six dimensions, right?).  I am experiencing it right now and maybe it is helpful to have a blog so one gets out all of the frustration before unleashing it on an unsuspecting resident or nurse.  The day is beautiful and I would like to walk outside with Thomas but unfortunately we are waiting on doctors to drop by.  Only the Lord knows when they will actually appear so until that time, we sit waiting.

Thomas has kept down yogurt and a few crackers.  Hooray!  We will see if the different teams are on the same page now and we have a plan to get him ready for chemo.  We are listening to great mixed CD a friend sent to pass the time and Thomas is trying to get back to some school work.  The outside beckons; it is a gorgeous day in Colorado and we have a beautiful room to enjoy the Rockies.  So for now, that will have to do!