Thomas is walking the halls of the hospital right now, trying to do everything in his power to come back home again.  I am home trying to have a “normal” morning with everyone here.  We are fixing french toast today and enjoying no oatmeal!  Here are a few things that are on my mind and heart in no particular order.

Thomas now weighs less than 100 pounds.  He is 5’7″.  That is pretty skinny.  Since this whole ordeal began in December he has lost more than 15 pounds and he was not a heavy person to begin with.  It is hard to see your son looking like a bag of bones.  I am praying this intestinal thing can be resolved so he can start eating normally again.

Speaking of normal….  Yesterday I woke up with Mark beside me, expecting to hear the cacophony of my three kids practising their instruments.  The house was quiet and my heart fell, suddenly remembering that our lives are completely different now.  The enjoyable rhythm of our daily lives has now been interrupted and something new is emerging.  I don’t know what it will look like at all.  Remember my thoughts on trust?  So much harder to put into practise.  As those of you who have/ had an ongoing illness know, the weight of it can be discouraging.  I have memories of my own father’s illness and how it dominated our lives for a few years.  I do want to rise up with wings like eagles, walk and not faint, run and not be weary.  Help me wait upon You, Lord….

My other five children have just been amazing.  In the department of feeling overwhelmed, I have waves of feeling completely unable to manage all these wonderful little people.  I know this is going to be so hard on them in a different way.  They are the ones who will have to understand why I am not available and why Dad is gone again.  Please pray for us to have the grace to deal with each one of these precious souls in our care.  I know God will give Mark and I the resources to parent them through this.  It just seems overwhelming right now…

Thomas’ sisters are going to accept his award for placing third in the Longmont Symphony Concerto competition.  Tonight was a big motivator to him in getting out of the hospital 😦  Family is a beautiful thing.  We may not be able to carry the ring but we can carry our brother (Return of The King was on TV last night).

Thank you everyone.